The Slovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences (SAAS) is established by the decision of the Minister of Agriculture from 28th December, 1990, came into operation on 1st January, 1991 for indefinite period.
The main mission of SAAS is to be concerned about the development and realization of scientific and research activities in the sphere of its field of activity, mainly:
  • take active part in creation of conception and strategy in agricultural, food, veterinary, forestry, and water management sciences
  • elaborate conceptions and judge scientific and technical programs of development in agriculture
  • draw up prognoses of scientific and technical development and their basis, propose conceptions of scientific and technical policy and international scientific - technical cooperation in the sphere of its action
  • create conditions for mutual cooperation in the sphere of research, development and education of scientific workers in collaboration with universities and the Slovak Academy of Sciences
  • grant extension services to the central organs of the Slovak Republic, elaborate scientific and professional views, expertise, proposals and expert opinions
  • perform the function of scientific advisory organ of the Board of Ministry of Agriculture SK and represent the departmental research basis in governmental and international organizations
  • take up attitudes towards establishment, incorporation and cancelling of research and developmental workplaces within the department of agriculture
  • award excellent results in scientific and scientific - technical degrees of qualification
  • execute further tasks the Ministry of Agriculture puts SAAS in charge of and which follow from the position and function of its organs.